Budge up, make room!

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while. People often say there’s no space for dedicated bike lanes on Bristol’s narrow roads, but I think there is. Plenty.

Have a look at these two for a start:


Three lanes of highway inbound at Old Market. And someone getting booked for ‘breaking down’ in that titchy bit of bike lane.
And a hundred yards further on a real motorway channels thousands more cars into a smallish city centre where people are trying to live and work. And look at the wide pavement. You’re going to say the wide pavement is needed to accommodate the historic Stag & Hounds pub. OK, good point. But why is it so unattractive then, with puce railings to stop people hurling themselves into three inbound lanes of traffic? And do you think the traffic sets off the ancient and beautiful pub? There are other lovely ancient buildings along here, and a brave sort of nightlife. Imagine how all that would flourish if we cut back on three lanes of traffic howling into Bristol at 30 MPH (not to mention the two lanes howling out). Say two lanes each way and a fat, fully segregated two-way bike lane on the south side of the road, swooping left at the top to join the Bristol to Bath path.


This is Clifton, so not really Bristol (joke, it’s where rich people and students live). The houses are huge with acres of garden, yet there are still cars stored on the road. I chose this shot because of the cyclist between two cars. The car overtaking seems to be giving him plenty of space but I didn’t see how they came through that pinch point. And tehre are clearly cars parked in the pinch point as well.
As you can see, there’s plenty of room for a segregated bike lane, or there would be ….


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