Collision Map

This is interesting. It’s a map of bike-related collisions over the last 10 years or so.

Point it at your postcode and see how safe it is. My regular route is mostly car-free but the little back roads I use … well… there have been a couple of accidents there too. Not as safe as I thought, but pretty safe, nonetheless, over a 10 year period.

But look at the map. All those junctions where someone has been injured. There isn’t much of a hint of who’s at fault in most of them, but I clicked on a few where both participants were on the main road and the motor vehicle was turning left. My son’s learning to drive. One very important thing I’m talking to him about is what the left wing mirror is for (and it’s not for batting bikers with!).

I clicked on some more of the little yellow dots and quite a lot of the cyclist casualties were small boys in residential streets. Perhaps that makes it easier to understand why they’re bringing in 20 zones, though I don’t know how anyone can drive through narrow streets with houses both sides and not be on maximum child alert.


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