A Mega Week!

I cycled on three days this week, though it was a bit of a chore by Friday night. The beauty of the plan is my target is just two days a week and that’s fairly easy to achieve. So I feel really pleased with myself for doing 3 days (a whole 18 miles!) . Actually, in this weather … it’s no hardship, is it? 

I wanted to say something about some of the irritations of cycling. As you know, my regular route is more or less off-road. There are places where roads have to be crossed though, and sometimes it seems people have gone out of their way to make it difficult. Take the Netham Park, for example. There are chicanes at either end of the route through the park and they’re just too chicaney to ride through, so you have to get off and walk. 


At the end of the Netham that would meet up with the River Avon Trail (if the RAT wasn’t broken) there’s a chicane, then bollards, then a dropped kerb. So they definitely intended people to cross there.





But there’s no pedestrian (or cycle) phase on the traffic lights, no button to push. It’s a tricky junction and you just have to nip across when the lights go red for the cars. Before the cars the other side of the bridge, that you can’t really see too well, start to cross. 

Then there’s the second part of the crossing. Same deal but you don’t know which cars will be filtering left across the second bridge until they’ve filtered. By which time it’s too late. 

It’s obvious someone meant us to be able to cross here, so why did they build danger in? Would it be so difficult to put a pedestrian phase on the lights? A bit of joined-up thinking needed, doncha think?


One thought on “A Mega Week!

  1. Rob CrewsHole says:

    According to http://bristol.roadworks.org improvements are due to be made to improove this crossing for cyclists this summer.
    Improvents will include “footway resurfacing etc. General footway widening on southbound bridge and alteration to signals – relocation of signal poles /heads and stop lines. Footway widening on Feeder Road”.
    The improved cycle lane along Feeder Road should also be constructed this year. These are all part of the Avon Promenade Route – see http://www.stgeorgenp.org.uk/avon-promenade/

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