Two weeks, no bike rides!

No blog postings either. So what have I been up to? Well, we went to the Hay Festival, which is piggy heaven for my demographic. It’s sheer “Radio 4 Goes Camping”. 



Here’s the tent we take to Hay. A vintage Raclet. Nice, isn’t it? It’s proper cotton canvas and smells like a tent should. We have a lot of tents, but this is the one we go to Hay with. The first year we went it was new to us and we didn’t know if it leaked. It was the wettest Hay for years, it was Hay does Glastonbury. All I can say is the tent didn’t leak much. The sleeping compartment stayed dry, which is the main thing. 

Are you wondering what we saw at Hay? We saw Marcus du Sautoy and Victoria Gould doing Maths through the medium of dance. It was quite good and a bit odd. I was more worried that 2 young ladies we met later had only vaguely heard of “Waiting for Godot”, Marcus du Sautoy certainly had! This is him waiting.


We also saw Susan Calman, a diminutive Scottish comedian you might have heard on the News Quiz. I laughed a lot. She’s very good, you must see her if you get a chance. 


We saw loads of other stuff. Simon Singh on “The Maths of the Simpsons”. Simon Armitage and Lily Cole on his new play “The Last Days of Troy”. We saw Horatio Clare talking about travel on container ships. And we went to a reading organised by a small Welsh publishing house where we heard a bunch of young poets and were given a slice of home-made chocolate cake. There are signings in the book shop. We didn’t get any books signed this year but we saw Babette Cole in animated discussion with two little readers. What a nice lady! 


Here are more pictures to answer the question ‘What is it like?”.Image






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