Some pictures of my route

I only cycled on one day this week, and only worked on three. I did remember to take some pictures of my route though. Want to see?



This is the route home. I live right on the skyline to the right of the photo. This is the River Avon Trail as it passes the blue footbridge by the Co-op. 



This is supposed to be the inbound route but this section has been closed for much of the year because the retaining wall is collapsing just where the bend in the river is. It’s a shame because it’s usually teeming with wildlife at this time of year.  My new route in is over the blue footbridge and along the bank on the left. 

It’s quite a pretty route, as you can see, and almost traffic-free. This section’s traffic free, anyway. 



This section’s not so traffic-free and one day this is where I will be found squashed like a hedeghog. I come down the hill just out of sight on the right of the photo and join the road here. I then pedal like hell till I get to the far end of the building with scaffolding and turn left onto the River Avon Trail. There’s a very narrow section of road just out of sight here and there’s often a queue of inbound traffic. If there isn’t a queue they’re putting their foot down to get through while it’s still their turn, hence the hell-pedalling. The outbound traffic (coming towards us) routinely mounts the kerb … even when there is no inbound traffic… even when a biddy on a bike is standing there taking photos & wearing a hi-vis jacket. That’s because it isn’t really BS5, it’s a country lane y’see, or so they think. There have been absolute ructions recently about attempts to introduce traffic calming of sorts along this stretch of road. 


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