The deed is done!

There is nothing more simple than just getting on a bike and riding the 2.9 miles to work.

That thought occurred to me on Tuesday morning so I slung on some jeans, popped work clothes, mascara & blusher in a bag and set off for work. Nice ride. I had to push the bike over the footbridge and again on a little back road that has got unaccountably steeper since September, but apart from that it was plain sailing there and back. 

That was Tuesday. Wednesday was another day. It looked ok first thing. It wasn’t raining when I went out to put something in the car. By the time I was ready to leave it was tipping it down. I left it 5 minutes and it stopped so I set off on my trusty green bike. Halfway through the woods I could hear the rain on the leaves above and thought how cosy it was to be under trees in the rain. By the time I got to the bottom of the hill I had to shelter behind a hoarding and put on my cagoule. I still got wet though! By the time I got to work my jeans (who the heck cycles in jeans?!) were so wet I could see the water oozing out as I pedalled. But water doesn’t hurt and I’ll have better trousers next time, so by the time I’d got dried & changed (and made a pot of strong coffee) I was fine. Right as rain. 



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