The bike … the bike!

I was going to show you the oh so green bike but the photo’s on the other computer and the other computer’s dead (dead-ish). It’s a green bike with white tyres, a basket and a two-tone bell. It was really hard to buy, no one seems to want to sell a bike to a biddy. Not for less than £500 anyway. That’s not exactly right, no one wants to sell mid-priced traditional road bikes to middle-aged women. It’s not sexy and I suppose there’s not much margin.

I went to 6 shops and the only one with an attentive shop assistant and a fully working bike was Halfords, where they let me ride bikes round the shop, which was fun.  So when a rude man at the funkiest bike shop in town took me aside and suggested I go to Halfords instead perhaps I really should have. The difference between the one I got and the Halfords one is 25 quid and alloy v steel hubs basically. Oh and the one I got is green, oh so very green.

I now see Halfords stock the one I bought. That would have saved me dealing with two men who lied about working in the bike department of a (very) local department store. Two very desperate men… desperate not to sell bicycles. On the day I went to collect it they’d scarpered so I guess their pleasant female colleague got the commission. I certainly hope so.


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